Caeron & Gemma

Maes Manor Hotel | 26th August 2023

Our story...

Way back in 2012, Gemma was on a night out with friends in her hometown of Cwmbran. There she met their mutual friend, Cae - who Gemma had been told was gay. Cae had a wicked sense of humour and they got on like a house on fire.

Fast forward a few hours, they were dancing merrily together in a nightclub when Cae tried to ask Gemma out. Thoroughly confused, she asked her friend to confirm that he was, in fact, not into women and subsequently (and embarrassingly) realised that they had another friend called Kai... And Gemma had been dancing and talking freely with this - very straight - man all night.

But it was obviously meant to be as they went on a date to see Avengers (brownie points awarded) and 3 months later they moved into their first house together. Ten years later Gemma and Cae have two dogs and two daughters!

Frequently asked questions...

Do you have a gift list?

No, as we do not want or need anything in particular

Is there a vegetarian menu?

Yes, please let us know if you require this menu

What time is the ceremony?

The ceremony will start at 12.30pm

Can I bring my children?

Of course

Do you have a wedding hashtag?

We will let you know this on the day

Can I bring my own confetti?


Can I take my own photos through the day?


I have dietary restrictions

If you have any dietary restrictions, please pop one of us a message.